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HitchHike Carpools


Attention: This service is currently not actively supported. We recommend using the Swiss-wide network "Carpooling Switzerland". If you have any questions, please contact us in the chat!

Employees of the cantonal and local administration as well as private individuals can create a carpool among themselves.

Currently, they are four parking areas available in the city as a destination or meeting point for joint departures.

Join the Zug HitchHike Community

The regional HitchHike Carpooling Zug is perfect if you commute to and from work on a regular basis and if you do not want to forego taking a car.

  • Share parking and travel expenses
  • Leave your car at home for your spouse to use
  • Payment is made through bartering – you drive today, I’ll drive tomorrow – or with a surprise gift like a nice bottle of wine
  • To start things off: Only look for a carpool on one day or half-day

What should you do?

Enter your commuting times (both drivers and passengers). We will then show you available and suitable matches.

Employees of the cantonal and regional administratioreceive additional benefits – use the available internal communication. Intranet City / Intranet Canton

If you have any questions, please use the chat function (see circular icon at the bottom right of the screen).


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